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Paper Cliché

 8 Years of Thinking “Outside the Box”

Have you ever heard someone say, “let’s think outside of the box?” We all, unfortunately, probably have heard this a few too many times. In the world of creativity and business, I can’t think of a more cliché expression. I’ve spent a good chunk of the past eight-to-ten years attempting to do just that, to “think outside of the box.” And for the most part, I’ve been fairly successful at it, whether it’s as a creative director, business owner or through any number of creative side hustles I find myself involved in. While you may not be familiar with my name, I’m certain you’ve probably run across some of my past internet works… and been like, “WTF is wrong with this guy?”

Like most creatives, I love a good notebook and I spend a lot of my time writing, working, scheming and doodling in them. Over the past eight years I’ve managed to save a large number of my notebooks. Instead of waiting for my kids to someday throw these notebooks away (and destroy my legacy), I’ve decided to turn the pages of these notebooks into art—a project I’m calling “Paper Cliché.” Eight years of my thinking (the pages of these notebooks) turned into paper mache boxes. Get it? My actual thinking on the outside of boxes. Hell yeah.

What you’ll see is a glimpse inside my mind and process, which is admittedly very ADHD. That’s a diagnosis I received in 4th grade after launching a crayon via rubber band into my friend Todd’s eye (sorry, Todd). To-do lists, big ideas, small ideas, ad concepts, marketing and tech trends, PR strategies, side projects, product ideas, business ideas, bourbon, tourism, side businesses and doodles. It’s all in there, the pages of my favorite notebooks, cut-up and plastered for your viewing pleasure with good old-fashioned water and flour.

There are 11 pieces total in the collection and a description of each piece can be found under the first photo. If you would like additional information about the project, have questions, interested in purchasing, etc. please email me at oldtywhit@gmail.com. 


Whit Hiler

Big thanks to Savanna Barnett for the photography and Jason Majewski for helping me with the copy.